Felthorpe Lakes

Freindly fishing in the Norfolk Countryside

The Rules


We aim to run a friendly enjoyable venue for you to fish. These rules are designed to ensure that all visitors and staff are able to enjoy their time here and for the protection of fish, other wildlife and the environment.  

General Rules

All anglers must have the appropriate National Fishing License. The Environment Agency Bailiff visits these waters regularly and licenses will be requested.

Opening hours vary during the year so please check with staff for confirmation. Generally the gates open for day sessions at 7.30 and close at 19.30hrs or dusk if earlier than 19.30hrs. Please pack up in time to leave at dusk or 19.30hrs; this is when the gate is locked. 

Whilst visiting Felthorpe Lakes all personal possessions, including fishing tackle, other equipment and vehicles are here at the owners risk. No responsibility will be taken for loss or damage. All visitors are responsible for their own personal safety whilst on site. Please be aware that deep water can be dangerous.

Cars to be parked considerately using the car parks or, when weather conditions permit cars are allowed at those swims that are readily accessible. If any barrier is in place please ask permission before removing it and driving on grassed areas.

An adult must accompany anglers under the age of 16 unless otherwise arranged with staff. All juniors are here at their own risk. 

Respect the wildlife and your surroundings while here please. No climbing trees, no damaging plants, entering the water or endangering wildlife intentionally.

No rubbish, litter, fishing line, hooks, broken floats, excess bait, food scraps, tea bags etc to be left anywhere around the lakes. Either take rubbish home with  you (Which saves us money as is therefore preferable)  or deposit in the bins provided.

Do not have open fires or BBQ's without asking a member of staff. Disposable BBQ’s are not permitted due to damage and risk of fire. Please ensure all debris is removed and disposed of sensibly, hot ashes should not be placed in bins.

Dogs may be permitted but please ask permission and notify bailiffs before fishing please. The Fishery has two dogs and they have the run of the place. (And they borrow Luncheon meat)

Although alcohol is permitted please drink responsibly being considerate of your safety and respect other anglers right to peace and quiet.

Any rowboats on site are for work and must not be used without permission at any time. This is for your own safety and the protection of the facility.

Felthorpe Lakes is surrounded by private land. No visitors to Felthorpe Lakes must access land adjoining the lakes and must only enter and leave via the lane and the gates.

Keep noise to a minimum, enjoy your visit and allow others to enjoy theirs.

Fishing Rules

Junior anglers (15 years and under) pay full price unless accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied junior anglers cannot fish overnight without prior arrangement with a member of staff.

Anglers may use up to three rods. Rods must be attended at all times.

Only fish from the designated pegs and respect anglers around your chosen swim. Check where others are fishing if in doubt before casting.

Keep nets are not allowed 

Do not use excessive amounts of bait. Please remove left over baits from the bank. Use the bins or take it home, please do not throw it in the lake at the end of your visit.

Bait boats and spodding may only be used if large amounts of bait are not being introduced. Users of both spodding and bait boats should also be considerate to other anglers. Over baiting can affect water quality, fish health and has not proven to be better than other baiting techniques.

Some bait’s are banned; Tiger nuts, peanuts, chickpeas and incorrectly prepared homemade particle baits. Packaged particle baits are preferred if not over used. Cat food and other meat products can only be used as hook bait.

Hooks must be of appropriate size and quality, barbless, micro barbed or crushed barbed hooks only.

Return fish to the water as soon as is possible. Weighing and photographing of fish should be done quickly and carefully to protect the fish stock.

Landing nets and mats must be used on all lakes. If you do not have either please see the bailiff.

The use of lead core has been reviewed and due to damaged fish and the general view that lead core damages fish, leaves snags, and harms birdlife it is now banned.

Anglers should always have Klinik or an alternative product to repair cuts and abrasions on fish before returning them to the water. 

Please report ill or badly damaged fish to the bailiffs.

Thank You For Reading All Of The Above